Why Is Social Media Powerful


One of the many questions I have been asked as a trainer on behalf of Google and when speaking to my clients as a consultant, people ask how is social media powerful. The truth is, depending on your business and brand there are many ways you can utilise it.


First things first, there are some misconceptions around social media platforms, some people use it personally and become annoyed of seeing holiday pictures, others associate it with celebrities and complaining.


But what does that mean for your business?


As a business owner you will already be in the process or already have your goals. This is very important as we want to focus on what a conversion looks like to you.


Next it’s time to find out where your audience are and what they are doing online. Some questions to consider:


  1. Who are my audience?

  2. Which platforms are they using?

  3. How are they using this platforms?

  4. What do they want to see from my business?

  5. Why are they using these channels?


Once you have developed a strategic approach your social media presence will make more sense. There are various companies who join all the social media channels and end up abandoning them.


You want to make sure each channel is getting the right attention, so if that means focusing on one then so be it. Also each social media platform requires its own purpose, you may use Instagram for storytelling and Twitter for more conversational posts.


How to measure social media success


Now it’s not one size fits all when it comes to success, 10,000 followers may look like “success” but what does it mean for your business? Are you actually selling, creating engagement, driving people to your website or raising awareness. Depending on your business, the user journey will vary and commitment level. For example, if you are selling properties people are more likely to take longer, whereas a bag with 70% off can convert easily. The power of social media is being able to reach your audience and create conversions.



The power of social media

Is Vero for Business

Just when you thought you had figured out the difference between Facebook and Twitter, new kid on the block Vero is introduced in to your life. For some it’s just another social media platform, others are intrigued by the amount of attention it has been receiving.


So what’s the deal with Vero?

With all the recent algorithm changes with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users are reverting towards engaging with content that means something rather than marketing in front of them.



Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 11.31.26


Well Vero ‘promises’ to prioritise your friends and families posts rather than adverts. Great, users may be thinking but from a business and marketing point of view you may think well what’s the point? Vero has a grown since first starting in 2015, it’s popularity may be due to people wanting to have more control over what’s in their feeds.


So where do I sign-up?

The social media giant has faced backlash due to its privacy policy. Many users questioned the part where Vero owns your content and can potentially make money from it.


After receiving the backlash Vero placed a statement to say they were still working on it.

Every social media platform has it’s teething problems and maybe it will be the next big thing. If people are wanting to control what they see rather than being bombarded by marketeers, maybe Vero will work, for now.


It would be interesting to see how long before Vero introduces any form of advertising or algorithm changes. Facebook recently announced that they will revert back to users seeing their friends and family content. But from a marketing point of view always look at what your audience is using. There is no point focusing on sharing amazing content where your audience will not see it.


How to use Instagram for business

What’s the point of businesses on Instagram?


You may be familiar with Instagram and think what’s the point of posting pictures on there. Well there are many ways to capture people on their purchase journey without your audience even knowing it.


Instagram for business


The social media platform I like to describe as a glossy magazine is ideal for story telling. You may think well do I just post pictures all day and hope for the best? Not exactly, if your audience are all using Instagram you may be missing a trick by not utilising it at all.


It’s like a shopping window, people walk past and stop and notice you may have a sale or noticed your post. This can include quotes, or a cup of coffee nicely placed on a table. An obvious starting point is looking at your competitors and your industry. If Instagram is a platform they are using then great.


How to market on Instagram


Posting pictures just isn’t enough, what are your audience interested, it is a case of sharing quotes because they are relatable for your audience.


You may be launching a new product and want to create a buzz by posting sneak peaks. Sounds simple right? Well it is, people often complicate things. The term ‘business’ or ‘brand identity’ will create a barrier between you and your customers. Speak to them like people, ask them how their day has been, engage using polls and share behind the scenes with them and if you really don’t know what they want to see from you…ask. A simple poll or post asking users to choose or comment on what they want from you can make life so much easier when marketing. No boring surveys or data analysis (yes it’s important) but it can help you straight away by giving direction.


Key features on Instagram

  • Storytelling using images and videos
  • Uploading or posting a minimum or 3 seconds and maximum of 1 minute videos per post
  • Going live on Instagram
  • Sharing stories for up to 24 hours

Snapchat Algorithm

With social media platforms forever changing, Snapchat’s CEO has changed the game by aggravating the algorithm.With there being a number of changes in the industry based on friend’s likes and suggested posts based on what your network finds interesting. Evan Spiegel has decided to base the algorithm on what you, the individual prefers.


Your interests may be celebrities whereas your friends may love cats do the funniest things. Worry not! If you are a Snapchat user the goal is to make the experience tailored to your needs. Rather than becoming annoyed with irrelevant and uninteresting content.



Snapchat algorithm



With Snapchat being the first platform to have disposable content its safe to say attention spans are fairly low. The average person’s attention span in everyday life is approximately 7 seconds, on social its 3 seconds. With content becoming even more disposable as a whole it’s safe to say the content you create needs to keep your users attention.



Still with me? Great, so what does this mean for Snapchat as a business. When it comes to marketing on the platform really think about your demographic. What does the person who will purchase or buy into your service need from you? Unlike Facebook who tailor their content based on friend’s interests too.