How to use Instagram for business

What’s the point of businesses on Instagram?


You may be familiar with Instagram and think what’s the point of posting pictures on there. Well there are many ways to capture people on their purchase journey without your audience even knowing it.


Instagram for business


The social media platform I like to describe as a glossy magazine is ideal for story telling. You may think well do I just post pictures all day and hope for the best? Not exactly, if your audience are all using Instagram you may be missing a trick by not utilising it at all.


It’s like a shopping window, people walk past and stop and notice you may have a sale or noticed your post. This can include quotes, or a cup of coffee nicely placed on a table. An obvious starting point is looking at your competitors and your industry. If Instagram is a platform they are using then great.


How to market on Instagram


Posting pictures just isn’t enough, what are your audience interested, it is a case of sharing quotes because they are relatable for your audience.


You may be launching a new product and want to create a buzz by posting sneak peaks. Sounds simple right? Well it is, people often complicate things. The term ‘business’ or ‘brand identity’ will create a barrier between you and your customers. Speak to them like people, ask them how their day has been, engage using polls and share behind the scenes with them and if you really don’t know what they want to see from you…ask. A simple poll or post asking users to choose or comment on what they want from you can make life so much easier when marketing. No boring surveys or data analysis (yes it’s important) but it can help you straight away by giving direction.


Key features on Instagram

  • Storytelling using images and videos
  • Uploading or posting a minimum or 3 seconds and maximum of 1 minute videos per post
  • Going live on Instagram
  • Sharing stories for up to 24 hours