Is Vero for Business

Just when you thought you had figured out the difference between Facebook and Twitter, new kid on the block Vero is introduced in to your life. For some it’s just another social media platform, others are intrigued by the amount of attention it has been receiving.


So what’s the deal with Vero?

With all the recent algorithm changes with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users are reverting towards engaging with content that means something rather than marketing in front of them.



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Well Vero ‘promises’ to prioritise your friends and families posts rather than adverts. Great, users may be thinking but from a business and marketing point of view you may think well what’s the point? Vero has a grown since first starting in 2015, it’s popularity may be due to people wanting to have more control over what’s in their feeds.


So where do I sign-up?

The social media giant has faced backlash due to its privacy policy. Many users questioned the part where Vero owns your content and can potentially make money from it.


After receiving the backlash Vero placed a statement to say they were still working on it.

Every social media platform has it’s teething problems and maybe it will be the next big thing. If people are wanting to control what they see rather than being bombarded by marketeers, maybe Vero will work, for now.


It would be interesting to see how long before Vero introduces any form of advertising or algorithm changes. Facebook recently announced that they will revert back to users seeing their friends and family content. But from a marketing point of view always look at what your audience is using. There is no point focusing on sharing amazing content where your audience will not see it.