Key Instagram Features


I like to describe Instagram as a magazine, it’s a visual platform so a great opportunity for brands to share a story. One of the great things about Instagram is you can use it to show what your brand stands for, show what your business does and who is in the team. You can incorporate a theme within your posts, so if you’re afraid of overdoing it with the sales talk you don’t have to use your logo but a colour scheme instead. Social media is never a place to appear salesy but showcase your creative side. Now you might be thinking i’m not creative though, well there are plenty of free tools you can use and one I use daily is Canva. You can use it as an app or on desktop and use pre-made templates to create posts. Once you have a template you can just drop images in and share them.

Canva app


Once you’re posting, another important thing to consider is using hash tags. These are keywords you put underneath your post to reach a broader audience. So for example you can post a popular hashtag of the city you are in, an industry specific one or create your own. STA Travel, a travel agent use ‘Start The Adventure’ and if users use that they have the opportunity to be featured on their account, great for exposure.

Start The Adventure hash tags


Lastly, ‘Stories’ this is something you can use even if you are struggling with posts. Stories can be found at the top of your newsfeed from people you follow and are usually a picture or video that lasts 10 seconds and appears as a series of posts that last 24 hours unless you hit the highlight button. Why? Our attention spans are 3 seconds meaning we are given less time to buy into a post. Stories allow you to have behind the scenes content, or posts you don’t want to share on your feed.