Snapchat Algorithm

With social media platforms forever changing, Snapchat’s CEO has changed the game by aggravating the algorithm.With there being a number of changes in the industry based on friend’s likes and suggested posts based on what your network finds interesting. Evan Spiegel has decided to base the algorithm on what you, the individual prefers.


Your interests may be celebrities whereas your friends may love cats do the funniest things. Worry not! If you are a Snapchat user the goal is to make the experience tailored to your needs. Rather than becoming annoyed with irrelevant and uninteresting content.



Snapchat algorithm



With Snapchat being the first platform to have disposable content its safe to say attention spans are fairly low. The average person’s attention span in everyday life is approximately 7 seconds, on social its 3 seconds. With content becoming even more disposable as a whole it’s safe to say the content you create needs to keep your users attention.



Still with me? Great, so what does this mean for Snapchat as a business. When it comes to marketing on the platform really think about your demographic. What does the person who will purchase or buy into your service need from you? Unlike Facebook who tailor their content based on friend’s interests too.